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Signature Smilez is a Dental clinic run by Dr. Alka Gupta, providing world-class Dental services in Sector 47, Gurgaon. With advanced techniques, We aim at providing a painless and long-lasting treatment to our patients. Quality is the topmost priority of our head doctor Alka Gupta, and she makes all efforts to offer the high-quality dental services to serve her patients.

What is Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment is a Dental procedure in which the infected part of the tooth is treated. The process is accelerated to control the infection and protection of the decontaminated tooth from getting further damaged.

In a root canal procedure, the pulp of the infected tooth is taken out, cleaned, and treated thoroughly and then placed back into your mouth using a cap or crown to seal the space.

It is a common process in the dentistry world to ease the pain from a tooth and protect it from gum diseases and oral infections.

Need for Root Canal

There can be a plethora of reasons for why one needs a root canal treatment for teeth given their best brushing or flossing practices. A root canal treatment is majorly required when there is an infection or contamination in the root of a tooth. Sometimes the pulp of your tooth gets damaged without showing any symptoms. If left untreated, the teeth can cause serious complications in the future.

So, when you start experiencing decay, rot, or contamination in your teeth, then you must go for the Root canal treatment.

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

A Root canal is beneficial for multiple purposes as it is a pain-free treatment than the tooth extraction. With the help of modern techniques and anesthesia, the treatment has been reported six times more painless than getting a tooth extracted. It has a high success rate and a cost-effective option to treat your infected teeth. By employing proper care to your teeth after successful treatment, you can save your teeth for a longer time.

With the Best Root canal treatment in Gurgaon, you can retain your natural smile, enjoy your favorite foods, and limit the need for your dental visits.

Cost of Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal + Capping Package

Head Doctor

Dr. Alka Gupta


About Dr. Alka Gupta

Dr. Alka Gupta is the mother of two beautiful daughters, wife, homemaker, long-distance runner, entrepreneur, optimist and finally the dentist.
She has been running her successful dental practice in Sohna road with the name of Signature Smilez dental clinic for the last 7 years and has treated more dan 10000 plus patients in her 15-year long career.

She has excellent academic achievements in her bag that include state-level ist position in all matriculation, graduation, and post-graduation.

She is an excellent dentist with a keen interest in smile designing and jaw pain. Her passion is running and working for women empowerment. In the year 2020, she has taken the pledge to reach 25000 people through different mediums to bust some myths about dentistry and to make dem aware of simple methods to take care of their teeth to save thousands of rupees.

Her focus is on dental wellness and preventive dentistry.

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