Getting Dental braces for yourself is a tough decision especially when you know there are many precautions to be taken and the process can also be painful.

But remember why you wanted to get braces in the first place – for that aligned set of teeth with a new smile. You are not alone in this- there are millions of people who have worn or are wearing braces, so it is not exactly a rocket science to maintain it, right?

If you keep an eye on some common and useful things, you can easily enhance your experience with braces.

Here are some tips for living with braces:

Do not Eat hard food items

Hard foods include hard candies, toffees, pizzas, corn-on-cob, apples, sugarcane, caramel, taffy, chewy food, nuts, chunky peanut butter and chewing gum that can put an uneven pressure on your braces which could break it.  It further causes more troubles and maybe leads to some unnecessary expensive treatment plan.

Also, give up on bad habits like chewing your pen or pencil’s end, chewing your nails and biting on any hard objects. Eat foods that are soft like soups, Pasta, Noodles, Scrambled eggs, Oatmeal, Dahi, porridge (daliya) , etc that goes soft on your braces and teeth.

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Boil or cook your fruits and vegetables too so that they become soft while eating. Cut chips, crispy food items and chewy bread into very small pieces for nibbling.

Avoid Sugary stuff

This should not be followed only by those wearing braces- everyone should ideally follow this. Eating a lot of processed sugar is not only unhealthy for your teeth and gums but also harms your overall health and fitness.

Eating too many sweets, chocolates, cakes, pastries and drinking sodas with added sugars can cause the build-up of too much bacteria on your teeth enamel and can cause diseases such as cavities, plaque, tartar, gingivitis, bad breath, etc.

Instead, you can have fruit smoothies and other drinks without extra sugar. Also remember to do extra-cleaning in case you plan to have any sweet items that you cannot resist.

Clean your Mouth after every meal

No matter what you eat, whether it is your breakfast or your evening snack, clean up your teeth and braces after every meal to avoid cavities and gum diseases.

Ideally, You should brush after an hour of eating. Apart from using a normal toothbrush use an interdental toothbrush to clean properly between your teeth and the braces. Floss reaches places where your brush can’t.

For a better flossing experience, use a floss threader which helps floss between your teeth in a single movement. Also, mouthwash twice a day to get rid of the awkward bad breath.

Carry your Cleaning kit everywhere

Since you cannot brush or floss after every meal you eat as you are not always home, it is imperative to carry your cleaning kit wherever you go.

It would save you from embarrassment because you wouldn’t want to reveal what you have eaten in the restaurant using the food stuck in your braces through the photos. So, carry your toothbrush, floss and some Chapstick to have a clean and healthy smile.

Use Orthodontic Wax and Chapstick for relief

Metal braces (or even ceramic braces for that matter) can make your lips go rough and dry directly or indirectly. Apply Chapstick through the day as and when required to hydrate your lips.

If the cheek-stabbing-braces and wires keep pestering your mouth’s inner lining, tongue and lips, apply orthodontic wax over them to reduce friction.

Use a Mouthguard

For all the sports savvies and musicians out there who are wearing braces, it is pertinent that you use a mouth guard to diligently protect your braces and wires from bending or breaking while you play a sport or a musical instrument.

Stay away from Whitening products

It is always advisable to avoid whitening products for teeth like whitening toothpastes and strips when wearing braces. Since the braces cover your teeth, those parts usually remain darker than the other whitened parts when you take off the braces.

So using whitening products can lead to a weird and toned smile which you probably won’t like after treatment.

Last but not the least, stay excited for your healthy and beautiful smile and keep going to a general dentist for regular check-ups.

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Final Words

We hope that these tips were helpful to you and if you face any serious problem you should always consult a professional dentist rather than trying to fix it yourself.