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About Signature Smilez

Signature Smilez is a multi-specialty dental Clinic in Gurgaon Sector 47, run by Dr. Alka Gupta who has an experience of over a Decade in Dentistry and has treated thousands of patients in her career.

Our dental clinic is best known for its expertise in different dental procedures that strive towards providing the utmost special care to its patients. We keep an update of the latest technical equipment and developments in all areas of dentistry. Our head doctor has a keen interest in smile designing and providing good oral hygiene to protect your teeth against cavities and gum diseases.

What are Dental implants

A Dental implant is a procedure in which an appliance is inserted in your jaw, beneath your gums to act as a substitute in place of your missing teeth. With the help of titanium in your jaw bone, the implants do not dismantle or cause any bone damage. The Dental implant act as a bridge or replacement for your missing tooth.

It does not only provide an elegant look to your mouth but also helps in preventing gum infections and oral diseases. In addition to this, these teeth do not get infected just like your natural teeth and are comfortable to live with.

Need for Dental Implants

There can be various reasons for getting dental implants. The main objective of the Dental implant Treatment is to restore the functionality of your missing teeth and giving you an aesthetic smile. Some common reasons for acquiring dental implants are:

  • When you have one or two missing teeth
  • When you have a strong jawbone to bear the procedure
  • When you experience regular oral health issues
  • If you want to improve your voice or speech

Benefit of Dental Implants

A Dental Implant offers a lot of benefits. It is a comfortable and natural treatment that helps in carrying out the day to day mouth activities without causing any interference with the adjacent teeth.

Moreover, Dental Implants get easily adjusted to your bone, they are very stable and provide a natural look to your teeth.

Also, you can easily clean them as you do to your natural teeth. It has been proven that the success rate of dental implants has been increased up to 98%.

Some other benefits of Dental Implants are:

  • It complements the appearance of a person.
  • With implants, you can comfortably enjoy your favorite foods.
  • Implants are easy to carry and clean

Head Doctor

Dr. Alka Gupta


About Dr. Alka Gupta

Dr. Alka Gupta is the mother of two beautiful daughters, wife, homemaker, long-distance runner, entrepreneur, optimist and finally the dentist.
She has been running her successful dental practice in Sohna road with the name of Signature Smilez dental clinic for the last 7 years and has treated more dan 10000 plus patients in her 15-year long career.

She has excellent academic achievements in her bag that include state-level ist position in all matriculation, graduation, and post-graduation.

She is an excellent dentist with a keen interest in smile designing and jaw pain. Her passion is running and working for women empowerment. In the year 2020, she has taken the pledge to reach 25000 people through different mediums to bust some myths about dentistry and to make dem aware of simple methods to take care of their teeth to save thousands of rupees.

Her focus is on dental wellness and preventive dentistry.

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