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About Signature Smilez

Signature Smilez is the Dental clinic in Gurgaon that provides a safe, secure, and comfortable dental experience to its patients. With years of experience, our Head Doctor Alka Gupta has been popularly known for offering top-notch dental care to her patients.

We attempt to cater to the needs and preferences of our patients by suggesting to them the best possible treatment for their oral health.

What is teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is a popular cosmetic dental procedure that facilitates to remove the stains on your teeth and make it whiter and beautiful. It is a safe and comfortable treatment that provides a natural lightening in your teeth color without changing your tooth surface.

A teeth whitening treatment can be operated with a wide variety of products and methods. Your dentist will put a rubber shield or gel to your gums to strengthen them. Following that, a whitening product is applied to your teeth using a specifically designed tray to get fit into your mouth. The product contains either hydrogen peroxide or carmabide peroxide that makes your teeth color whiter.

Need for teeth whitening

Though teeth whitening is a safe process for any individual, it is mainly recommended for those having severe discoloration in their teeth. There are plenty of reasons why your teeth need whitening. As we grow older we often notice more discoloration of teeth and dark stains attached to our gums.

Stained teeth can also be a result of sugary or starchy drinks and foods such as tea, coffee, red wine, etc. Smoking is another popular reason that can stain your teeth.

Benefit of teeth whitening

The Teeth whitening Treatment offers numerous benefits to give your teeth a new transformation:

  • It is a fast and convenient process.
  • It delivers promising and long-lasting results on your teeth.
  • You will get an improved and brighter smile.
  • It helps to prevent gum infections and tooth decay, thus making your teeth healthy.
  • The treatment lasts only for an hour and requires a few visits to your dentists. 

Cost of Teeth Whitening

Head Doctor

Dr. Alka Gupta


About Dr. Alka Gupta

Dr. Alka Gupta is the mother of two beautiful daughters, wife, homemaker, long-distance runner, entrepreneur, optimist and finally the dentist.
She has been running her successful dental practice in Sohna road with the name of Signature Smilez dental clinic for the last 7 years and has treated more dan 10000 plus patients in her 15-year long career.

She has excellent academic achievements in her bag that include state-level ist position in all matriculation, graduation, and post-graduation.

She is an excellent dentist with a keen interest in smile designing and jaw pain. Her passion is running and working for women empowerment. In the year 2020, she has taken the pledge to reach 25000 people through different mediums to bust some myths about dentistry and to make dem aware of simple methods to take care of their teeth to save thousands of rupees.

Her focus is on dental wellness and preventive dentistry.

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